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The best Evenlocations in Switzerland

Are looking for a special venue for your upcoming event? In Event Butler you are guaranteed to find the right offer. We have researched in the whole of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the border regions in Germany and Austria and compiled the best deals for you. Use of the Event Butler portal is simple, efficient and free. Try it now!

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Locations | Event Location | Seminar Location | Wedding Location

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Weddings | Corporate Events | Meetings & Conferences | Private events | Christmas dinner | Banquets | Events Framework Programme


Eventlocations by Region
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Specialized Event Agencies and Organizers

Do you need assistance in planning your events? In our category Agencies and Organizers you can find many professional event agencies, organizers, wedding planner, artist agencies, tourist destinations and many other specialized partners that can help you with the planning and execution of your event.

Spectacular Event Ideas & inspiring Framework Programmes

In Event Butler you can find, in addition to venues and event services, plenty of exciting events and activities inspirations, so that your event can be exceptional! You can find ideas for all kinds of events such as corporate events, client events, private events, company outings, team events, seasonal events or VIP events & incentives.

The following categories are available

Active / Adventure | On the water | In the mountains | In the air | with children | With animals | Culture & Pleasure | Teambuilding

Event Catering and Party Service for culinary highlights

In our category Catering & Delivery Services you can find an exclusive range of catering services. We have the matching catering menus for all types of events. From classic event and business caterer, mobile catering menus, Caterer & Delivery Service, Wedding catering or quite exclusive, to a VIP caterer. We can cater for every taste, from finger food on grills / BBQ, vegetarian and vegan dishes, regional cuisine and Swiss specialties and delicious dishes from around the world from Europe to Africa, Oriental / Asian or American.

Catering & Delivery | Bar Catering | Bakery / Cake shop / Confectionery | Event catering / Business Catering | Catering rental services | Food preparation with deliveries | Beverage supplier | Cooking Classes | Butcher / Caterer | Mobiles Catering | Caterer / courier> Störkoch / Mietkoch

Event service providers and partners for successful events

Need external staff for your event? Here you can find service personnel, hostesses, models, security personnel or promoters


Are you still looking for the right furniture for your event or do you need someone with the knowhow to help with your event technology? Here you can find many professional service providers and partners for transportation, stand or tent rental in the category furniture / art / Transport

For the right decoration we have picked out the most innovative partners for the event Decoration and Florists with beautiful flower decoration and florists.


What would be an event without the appropriate entertainment? On Event Butler you can choose from a wide selection. Here you can find artists / acrobats, comedians and entertainers, singers & musicians, magicians and professional dancers who know how to entertain your guests.


For seminars, conferences, congresses, roundtables or corporate events with presentations or lectures, you can find numerous trainers & coaches, speakers and presenters, to skilfully host your event.


So that you and your guests can revel in the beautiful memories after the event yet, you can find in the category Photography & Multimedia, a wide variety of wedding photographers, event photographers, multimedia specialists and other professional providers of sound and image.


Finally, in the category Other event service, you can find Event Clothing & Costumes, inspiration and source for games, giveaways and gift ideas, styling partners and professional service providers for event cleaning.